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Record Number     :  12614 CRNAM
Collector         :  Elliott, E A (Rev)
Biographical Info.:  Presidential Address - North Staffordshire Field Club 1935.
                     Moved to South Stoke, Reading 1936. President of British
                     Fuchsia Society, Editor Pteridological Soc. Worked on rare
                     plants of South Oxfordshire;
Subject of Colln. :  Mosses (dried; packeted)
Holding Institute :  Stoke City Museum and Art Gallery
Geographic Srce   :  British; Cumbria, Hereford and Worcester, North Yorkshire,
                     Wales, mainly Gwynedd, Scotland, Strathclyde (Argyll, Mull)
                     and Tayside ( Perthshire), Northern Ireland, Europe, mainly
                     France, Germany
Period Collected  :  1930s-1941
Size of Collection:  274 specimens
Associated Names  :  Bellerby, W & Binstead, C H (Rev) & Rowlands, S P & Andres,
                     H & Armitage, E & Bartling, E & Bartha, A & Baur, C W &
                     Birnie, G & Bore, A & Brinkman, A & Catcherside, D G &
                     Dixon, H N (FLS) & Duncan, J B & F W G & G F H & Jackett, R?
                     & Kaurin, C & Knight, H H & Kotilainen, M J & E M L &
                     Loeske, L & Mennell, J & Millar, W C & Richards, P N M &
                     Robertson, D R & Rowlands, S P & Savery, G B & Schumacker, A
                     & Stenholm, C & Tarhens, A & Turner, A & Wailberg, N &
                     Wallace, E A & Wheldon, J & White, A & Wilson, A & Young, W;
Record Number     :  R0491 NE
Collector         :  Mennell, Henry Tuke (Mr, 1835-1923)
Biographical Info.:  Born Scarborough, North Yorkshire; Career - Tea merchant,
                     Croydon (1861-). Member, Tyneside Nat.Fld.Club ( 1855).
                     Committee member, Tyneside Nat.Fld.Club (1857-1858).
                     Secretary, Tyneside Nat.Fld.Club (1857-1863). Member,
                     Nat.Hist.Soc.Northumb. (1858) . Fellow, Linnean Society
                     (1863). Committee member, Nat.Hist.Soc.Northumb. (1866,
                     1868-1870). Secretary, Nat.Hist.Soc.Northumb.; Organiser of
                     the British Association Dredging Expeditions off the
                     Northumberland and Durham coast in 1860; See Anon (1924)
                     Obituary in J.Bot.; Died at Croydon, Surrey;
Subject of Colln. :  Zoological specimens (including Mollusca, birds' eggs and
Holding Institute :  Newcastle upon Tyne, The Hancock Museum
Geographic Srce   :  Worldwide
Acquisition Info. :  Donated by Mennell, H T - 1862, 1890, 1894, 1912, 1921
Unpublished Docs  :  Letters, press-cuttings, photographs etc;
Date last updated :  18 Feb 1983 & 9 Mar 1988 (amended);
Record Number     :  7739 SE
Collector         :  Dymes, Thomas Alfred (FLS, 1865-1944)
Biographical Info.:  Bank clerk. Hon Curator Herb Letchworth Museum (1928-1939).
                     Obituary Rept Bot Soc and E C vol xii part VII (1943-44).
                     Author 'The Nature Study of Plants in Theory and Practice
                     for the Hobby Botanist' (1920);
Subject of Colln. :  Herbarium of Vascular Plants
Holding Institute :  Hitchin, Museum Resources Centre, Natural History Section,
                     Burymead Road
Geographic Srce   :  22 English counties including - Channel Isles Isle of
                     Wight, Cardigan, Wales, Monmouth, Scotland, Anglesey, Perth,
                     and Scotland
Period Collected  :  1882-1939
Size of Collection:  3837 sheets
Acquisition Info. :  Donated
Date last updated :  1982 Jun;
Associated Names  :  Bailey, C; Balfour, J H; Barton, William Charles; Britton,
                     C E; Brown, George Charles; Bulley, R; Burdon, Ronald John;
                     Chapple, J; Clay, B; Comber, J; De Crespigny, E C; Croall,
                     Alexander; Drabble, Eric; Druce, G Claridge; D'Urban, W S M;
                     Dymes, D M E (Miss); Dymes, H T; Fisher, H; Gardner, L W;
                     Gray, J D; Hedley, H; Jackson, J; Jordan, Swinfen; King, F
                     C; Lee, Phineas Fox; Linton, Edward Francis; Linton, W R;
                     Little, Joseph Edward; Little, Catherine D (Miss);
                     Littlebury, H C; Lomax, Alban Edward; Lowry, J; Meyer, Doris
                     & Meyer, Harry; Montgomery, Archibald Sim; More, Richard;
                     Oakeshott, B M; Pearsall, W H; Pennell, Croker; Pennell, T
                     L; Preseton, A W; Rowse, J S; Salmon, Charles Edgar; Scott,
                     D H; Searle, Henry; Thompson, E C; Waller, Alfred Rayney;
                     Waterfall, Chas; Westell, William Percival; Wheldon, James
                     Alfred; White, James Walter; Wilkinson, J W; Worsdell,
                     Wilson Crosfield; Arnold, F H; Arsene, Louis; J E B;
                     Backhouse, James; Baker, E G; Ball, J B; Barr and Sons;
                     Barrington, R; Bayne; Bedford, J S; BeMrose, G J V; Bennett,
                     A; Bennett, D A; Biddiscombe, W; Bishop, E B; Blomfield, E;
                     Blow, Thomas Bates; Boycott, A E; Bramley-Moore, W; Briggs,
                     J N Archer; Briggs, J R; Bromfield, W; Bromwich, B;
                     Brotherston, A; Brunt, Donald W; Bryan, A; Bryan, G H;
                     Burton, W J; Butcher, R W; Butcher, W C; Campbell, W H;
                     Carr, J W; Carter, H Gilbert; Chester, G; Chittenden, F;
                     Clarke, E; Clarke, R; Cochrane (Admiral); Comber, J;
                     Correvon, Henri; Course, Harold A; Craib, W G (Prof); Craw,
                     J; Crosfield, A J; Cross, W J; Cryer, John; Cunnack, J;
                     Curnow, J W; Danger (Miss); Davidson, A; De Crespigny Eyre
                     Champion; Drabble, E & Drabble, H; Dymes, A M (Miss); Dymes,
                     B L; Dymes, M H (Miss); Dymes, R H; Dymes, T A & Dymes, A M;
                     Dymes, Thomas Jackson; Ellman & Shelton; Escombe, F; Ewing,
                     P; Ferguson, Reuben; Fingland, J; Fisher, F; Foster, Henry;
                     Fox, H E; Fox, M; Gardiner, W; Gibson, G E; Gibson, G S;
                     Gibson, J D; Gibson, W; Graham, H J; Graham, H L; Grant,
                     Jas; Gregor, A G; Groves, H; Groves, H & Groves, J; Gunning,
                     Muriel; Guppy, H B; Hammond, Kathie; Hare, A D; Harris, A M;
                     Haydon, W T; Hayward, I M; Hayward, R; Hayward, W; Heap, J;
                     Hicks, J J; Higgins, D M; Hodgson, Geo; Holmes, E W; Holt, S
                     A; Horace, Geo; Hore, W S; Howse, T; Hunt, Geo; Jackson, B
                     D; Jefferey, William R; Johnson, C (Miss); Johnston, Henry
                     Halero; Jones; F E J; R F J; Kerr, A; Key, J; Kidd, J J;
                     King, M; Kingsmill, Nancy (Miss); J H L; Lamb, D; Langdon,
                     E; Laukester (Miss); Le Brocq, W P J; Lees, F Arnold;
                     Linton, F R; Lloyd (Miss); Longstaff, C G B; Lowne, T B;
                     Lowry, W E & Lowry, Ian; Lumb, D & Malvin, A; Marqvand, E D;
                     Marsden-Jones, E M; Marshall, E S; Mason, W W; Mayo (Dr);
                     Melvin, A D; Mennell, H T; Mennell, M; Mennell, R;
                     Middleton, Robert Morton (Junior); Miles; Monkhouse, A W;
                     Montgomery, Laura H; Moore, A G; Murray, J; Neve, J R;
                     Newton, R; Nicholson, Geo; Oakshott, A C; Ogilvie, W;
                     O'Kelly, P B; Palmer, Ray; Paulson, Robert; Phillips, R A;
                     Pickard, J F; Pickering, W J; Piquet, John; Praeger, Robert
                     Lloyd; Preseton, A W; Previte, A W; J R; Randle (Dr);
                     Reynolds (Mrs); Riddleswell, H J; Ritchie, D G; Rivers, J;
                     Roberts, W; Robinson, Fred; Robson, G; Roper, F C S; Roper,
                     Ida Margaret; Roy, F; Ess; Salisbury, J E; Schmitz, He;
                     Seccombe, P J A; Sewell, P; Shearn, S J; Sherrin, W R;
                     Slater, H H; Smith, A E (Miss); Smith, A S (Miss); Smith, H
                     F (Miss); Smith, H G (Miss); Somerville, A; Sowter, F A;
                     Standen, R S; Stapf, O; Stark; Starks, B M; Stevenson, J
                     (Rev); Stewart, S; Stratton, Fred; Streatfield, A;
                     Sunderland, John Edward; E T; Tellam, R V; Thapple, J;
                     Thompson, S; Trevelyan, M; Villacot (Miss); C J W; G W; I W;
                     T S W; Waddell, C H; Wade, A E & Hyde, H E; Wagernan, D E
                     (Miss) & Walker, Horace; Warren, J L; Waterfall, W Booth;
                     Watson, H C; Watt, L; Weiss, F E (Prof); Wheldon, W; Whin, C
                     J; Whitehead, J; Whitelegge, Thos; Whitworth, C J &
                     Whitworth, W M; Wild, J C; Wilkinson, W J; Will, C J;
                     Williams, A J; Williams, Arthur T; Willson, T; Wilson, A;
                     Wilson, W W; Wollcombe, W G; Wolley-Dod; Woods, F H; Wood, R
                     (Rev); Yeldman (Mrs); Young, E;
Record Number     :  15225 SE
Collector         :  Roper, F C S (Rev, ?-1876)
Biographical Info.:  Late of Palgrove House, Eastbourne;
Subject of Colln. :  Plantae - Angiosperms and Gymnosperms. Pteridophytes,
Holding Institute :  Brighton, Booth Museum of Natural History
Geographic Srce   :  British Isles and some European
Period Collected  :  1850-1900s
Size of Collection:  7 cabinets, 6000 shells
Acquisition Info. :  From Lewes Museum Collection 1976. Bequest of Freeman
                     Clarke. Samuel Roper 1896
Unpublished Docs  :  11 notebooks/lists. Catalogue of H W Botting-Hemsley.
                     London Catalogue of Plantae;
Date last updated :  1983 Oct 3;
Associated Names  :  Andrews, C W; Andrews, E H; Andrews, E W; Archer Briggs, I
                     T; Archer Briggs, J R; Archer Briggs, T; Archer Briggs, W A;
                     Arnold, F H (Rev); Arnold, F H; Arnold, F H (Mrs); Arnott;
                     Babbington, C C; Backhouse, J; Bagnall, J E; Bailey, C M;
                     Bainbridge (Dr); Baker, J G; Balfour, I H; Balfour, J H;
                     Barrington, W; Batley, C; Bebb, M S; Bennett, A; Binstead, C
                     H; Bischoff, S; Black, A A; Blight, R (Rev); Bloomfield, E N
                     (Rev); Bloxam, A (Rev); Borrer, D; Borrer, H C; Boswell, J;
                     Botting Hemsley, W; Bowerbands, I S (Dr); Bowman, J E;
                     Briggs, T R A; Briggs, W A; Brody, J (Dr); Bromfield, W
                     (Col); Brotherston, A; Burchell, W; Burton, W; Campbell, W
                     H; Capron, E (Dr); Charles, B M; Cherrill, A K (Rev);
                     Choules; Christie; Clinton, G W; Coleman, W H; Collins, C;
                     Costick, W; Craig Christie, A; Crewe, H H; Croall, A; Cross,
                     J W T; Cunnack, J; Darby, F (Miss); Darroch, C (Dr); Davies,
                     E S (Rev); Dawber, M; De Crespigny Eyre; Dewick, E W (Rev);
                     Don, G; Doveton, F B; Druce, G C; Druce, H; Druce, J C;
                     Dunce, J; Duthie, I F; Dymes, I A; Dymes, T; Edwards, I;
                     Edwards, J; Edwards, J (Mrs); Ellman, E (Rev); Farquarson, K
                     (Col); Flower, T B; Fogg, W; Foley (Miss); Gapper (Dr);
                     Gardiner, W; Geldart (Mrs); Gibbons (Mrs); Glasson, J W A;
                     Griffith, A F; Griffiths, J E; Grove, W B; Gurney, G; Gutch,
                     I H G; Hamilton; Hanbury, F J; Hannan, W J; Harvey, E;
                     Haviland, G (Rev); Hayward, W B; Healey, C; Helyer, B;
                     Hemsley, W; Hick, I M (Rev); Hiselton, D W T; Holmes, E M;
                     Holmes, E A (Rev); Hooke, B; Hooker (Dr); Hooker, H C;
                     Hooker, H O; Hooker, W I (Sir); Hore, W S; Horne, F R; Hue,
                     G (Miss); Isenton; Jackson, B D; Jackson, J; Jameson, H S
                     (Rev); Jenner, J H A; Jermyn (Dr); Johns, C A; Johns, I L;
                     Kerr, A M; King, F C; Kirby, H M (Dr); Kirby, W; Kirk
                     (Miss); Knight, I R; La Woodforde, J (Dr); Lamb, H; Langley,
                     E; Langley, C J (Rev); Langley, I C (Rev); Lanison (Mrs);
                     Laws, G; Lawson, G W; Leach, H; Lease; Lee, P F; Lees, E;
                     Lees, F A; Leighton, W A (Rev); Less, F A; Lewis, J H;
                     Linton, E F (Rev); Lloyd, G (Dr); Lloyd, W; Loane; Lomax, A
                     E; Loomfield, E N; Lowndes, L (Ms); Lubbock, J (Sir); Lush,
                     B; Lush, C; Lush, G (Dr); Maddock, H E (Rev); Martin (Dr);
                     McNab; Meldrum, R H; Mennell, H T; Mill (Miss); Mitten, W;
                     Moiser, H R; Monfor; Mott, F T; Moyle Rogers, W (Rev);
                     Muller, I C; Mummery, J R; Munch, C; Muts, G E; Nicholson,
                     G; Notcutt, W L; Oakeshott, B M (Mrs); Oliver, D (Prof);
                     Parrington, I N (Rev); Parrington, F W (Rev); Paulson, R
                     (Col); Paxton, F R (Dr); Pennell, J; Pichler, T H;
                     Pitchford; Postam, R B (Col); Postans, R B; Poulson, L R;
                     Preston, A W; Prostans, R B; Reeby, W H; Reeves, W; Reeves,
                     W H; Reid, A (Jnr); Reverchon, E; Rogers, W M (Rev); Rogers,
                     T; Roper, F C S; Roper, F (Jnr); Roper, K E (Miss); Roper, M
                     E; Roper, I (Mrs); Roper, N; Roper, W F; Russell; Ryder, A C
                     D (Rev); Scully, R W; Searle, H; Searle, I S; Searle, H;
                     Slater, H H (Rev); Soane; Sotheby (Miss); Spink, S C; Stsrk,
                     R M; Steuart, J H A; Sunderland, J E; Tatham, J; Taylor, J;
                     Tempere, J; Townsend, F; Unwin, W C; Walker, T; Warren, I L;
                     Warren, E A (Miss); Waterfall, W B; Watson, H C; White, I W;
                     Whittaker, J; Wild, C J; Will (Miss); Wilson, W; Wolley-Dod,
                     A H; Wood, J B; Wood, R; Woodehouse (Miss); Woodforde, J
                     (Dr); Woodhouse, V; Woods;
Record Number     :  2415 ST
Collector         :  Perth Museum
Subject of Colln. :  Angiosperms
Holding Institute :  Perth Museum and Art Gallery
Geographic Srce   :  Perthshire
Period Collected  :  c1860-1920
Size of Collection:  c11,000 sheets
Acquisition Info. :  Donated as collected mainly via the Perthshire Society of
                     Natural Science
Published Refs    :  White, F B W : 1898 : Flora of Perthshire : Edinburgh ::;
Date last updated :  1981 Jun 19;
Associated Names  :  White, F B W; Sturrock, A; Sim, J; Robertson, (Miss);
                     Perthshire Society of Natural Science; Mennell, Henry Tuke;
                     Marshall, E S; MacIntosh, C; Haggart, D A; Ewing, P;
                     Ellison, W; Drummond-Hay, H M; Dow, R; Don, G; Coates, J;
                     Coates, H; Brebner, J; Barclay, W;
Record Number     :  8373 ST
Collector         :  Mennell, Frederick Philip (FGS, 1880-1966)
Biographical Info.:  The first curator of the Bulawayo Museum in Southern
                     Rhodesia 1901-1908 Bg 1967 Proc Geol Soc Lond No 1636,
                     pp2028-209 Sarjeant W A S 1980 Geologists and the History of
                     Geology Macmillan Press, Vol 3, pp1703;
Subject of Colln. :  Upper Cretaceous Coral, Ceratotrochus
Holding Institute :  Glasgow, Hunterian Museum
Geographic Srce   :  Cheringoma, Mozambique
Period Collected  :  About 1929
Size of Collection:  3
Acquisition Info. :  Donated in 1929
Published Refs    :  Gergory, J W : 1930 :: Geol Mag : 67 : 475-477;
Date last updated :  1982 Nov 15;
Record Number     :  8516 ST
Collector         :  Playfair, David T (MD, FLS) & Playfair, P M (Rev, DD)
Subject of Colln. :  Flowering Plants, Pteridophytes and Characeae
Holding Institute :  St Andrews, St Leonard's and St Katherine's School, St
                     Andrews, Fife, KY16 9QU
Geographic Srce   :  The Channel Islands, most counties in Scotland and England
                     (especially Kent) and some counties in Wales and Ireland.
                     Also a few specimens from France, Switzerland, Germany,
                     Norway and Canada
Period Collected  :  1874-1904
Size of Collection:  59 herbarium boxes in a single large cabinet
Acquisition Info. :  The herbarium was presented to St Leonard's School by the
                     Rev P M Playfair DD in May 1915. The collection is to be
                     kept intact and not dispersed
Published Refs    :  : 1893 : Annals of Scottish Natural History ::: 52;
Unpublished Docs  :  Annotated copy of the London Catalogue nineth edition,
                     signed by David T Playfair, Bromley, Kent;
Additional Info.  :  Collection arranged according to the London Catalogue and
                     includes material from many other collectors some via
                     Watsons Botanical Exchange Club and some by personal
                     acquaintance especially with E F Linton and E S Marshall.
                     Includes new vice county records for Jersey and Ayrshire
Date last updated :  1982 Dec 06;
Associated Names  :  Wolley Dod, A H; Wollaston; Willett, (Mrs); White, James
                     Walter; Waterfall, C; Waddell, Coslet Herbert (Rev);
                     Thompson, Harold Stuart; Stewart, S A; Stewart, J H A;
                     Somerville, Alex; Smith, Arthur (FLS); Shoolbred, W A (Dr);
                     Seller, (Mrs); Scully, R W; Scott, J; Salmon, C E; Royle, T
                     C; Rogers, W Moyle; Reader, H P (Rev); Rance, T G; Powell, J
                     T; Piquet, F; Phillips, R A; Paxton, George; Painter, W H
                     (Rev); O'Kelly, P B; Nicholson, G; Miller, W F; Mennell,
                     Henry Tuke; Marshall, E S (Rev); Linton, E F; Lindsay, R;
                     Ley, Augustin; Levinge, H C; Lett, William Henry; Leitch, F;
                     Kelsall, (Rev); Johnstone, J; Howden, (Dr); Hosking, A;
                     Hilton, T; Higgins, E K; Henshaw, A C (Mr); Groves, J;
                     Groves, H; Goode, G; Geldart, Herbert D; Gasking, S; Fraser,
                     J (Rev); Foggitt, William; Evans, A H; Druce, George
                     Claridge (Northampton); Dawber, M; Davey, F H; Davey, E H;
                     Crosfield, Albert J; Crawford, F C; Cotton, T A; Cotton, C;
                     Colgan, Nathaniel; Cocks, L J; Clouston, R S; Bromwich, A;
                     Boyde, W B; Bickham, S H; Bennett, Arthur R; Beeby, W H;
                     Ball, W; Bailey, Charles (Manchester, 1838-1924); Bagnall, J
Record Number     :  8519 ST
Collector         :  Ewing, Peter (FLS, 1849-1913)
Biographical Info.:  Born Kinross, died Glasgow. Cabinet maker then surveyor.
                     Obit Glasg Nat, Vol V, pp113. President of the Natural
                     History Society of Glasgow;
Subject of Colln. :  Herbarium of Flowering Plants, Ferns, Chara, Mosses and
                     Liverworts. Chiefly Scottish Arctic Alpines and Plants of
                     the Genus Carex
Holding Institute :  Glasgow University, Botany Dept, University Avenue,
                     Glasgow, G12 8QQ
Geographic Srce   :  Scotland, especially the Breadalbane Mountains
Period Collected  :  Mainly 1877-1912, but also 1850 and 1859
Size of Collection:  c3500 sheets
Acquisition Info. :  Presented 1951
Published Refs    :  Patton, D : 1954 :: Glasg Nat : 17 : 105-126; Crundwell,
                     Alan C : 1952 :: Trans Brit Bryol Soc : 2 (1) :;
Unpublished Docs  :  Manuscript 'Collectors in P Ewing's Herbarium' by Donald
                     Patton dated 12 January 1954;
Additional Info.  :  A very complete and valuable collection of British plants
                     including many specimens collected by his wife (nee
                     Elizabeth Raymond Burden). Scottish Artic alpines form a
                     special feature of this herbarium
Date last updated :  1982 Dec 09;
Associated Names  :  Wye, R; Woolcombe, W G; Woodhead, J W; Wolley Dod, A H;
                     Wilson, Albert; Wilkinson, J H; Wilkinson, H J; Wild, C J;
                     Whitehead, (Mrs); White, J W; White, F Buchanan; Wheldon, J
                     A; Wheeler, H; Wheeler, A; West, W (Jnr); West, W; West, G
                     S; Webster, Geo; Webb, J; Waugh, A; Watt, L; Waterfall, C;
                     Ward, F W; Ward, F C; Walley, A; Waller, A R; Walker, F H;
                     Waddell, Coslet Herbert (Rev); Vigurs, C C; Turner, R;
                     Trimmer, Kirby (Rev); Towndrow, R F N; Thomson, Robert;
                     Thomson, (Misses); Thompson, H S; Tempere, C J; Syme, J;
                     Sunderland, J E; Stratton, F; Straker, E; Stewart, J H A;
                     Standen, R S; Spearing, E; Somerville, A; Smith, John;
                     Smith, C P; Slater, H H; Sim, T R; Sim, George; Shoolbred, W
                     A (Dr); Shirrin, W R; Shearer, J; Searle, H; Scott, Thos;
                     Sand, Clive; Salmon, J W; Sadler, J; Routh, T E; Roslin, E
                     (Miss); Rosall, J H; Roper, Ida M; Rogers, W Moyle; Rogers,
                     T; Robson, G; Roberts, W; Rinington, J W; Riddlesdell;
                     Renton, R; Reeves, Walter W; Rayner, J F; Ralfs, J; Preston,
                     A W; Pragear, Robert Lloyd; Powell, J T; Phillips, R A;
                     Percival, J; Paulson, E; Paterston, John; Parkinson, (Dr);
                     Painter, W H; Oxley G; Over, F R; Oakeshott, B M (Miss);
                     O'Kelly, P B; Neve, J R; Murray, R P; Murray, C Hay; Mitten;
                     Miller, F; Merser, G; Mennell, Henry Tuke; Melvin, A D;
                     McKay, R; McAndrew, J; Martindale, G E; Marshall, E S;
                     MacVicar; MacLagan, P W; MacDonald, (Miss); Long, F; Lomax,
                     Elizabeth; Lomax, A E; Linton, W R; Linton, E F; Ley,
                     Augustin; Lewis, J H; Leving, E H C; Lee, P Fox; Langdon, E;
                     Lang, F; King, T; King, F C; King, B; Jones, D L; Griffith,
                     J F; Fryer, A H; Elliot, G F; Boswell;
Record Number     :  8537 ST
Collector         :  Watt, Lawrence Alexander (1850-1939)
Biographical Info.:  Of 3 Taylor Street, Whitecroft. Member of Glasgow Natural
                     History Society, 1889-1939. Glasg Nat, Vol XIV, pp44;
Subject of Colln. :  Flowering Plants and Pteridophytes
Holding Institute :  Glasgow University, Botany Dept, University Avenue,
                     Glasgow, G12 8QQ
Geographic Srce   :  Specimens Chiefly from Vice Counties 94 (Banff) and 99
                     (Dumbarton) but also from most other counties in Scotland
                     and England
Period Collected  :  Includes 1870-1923
Size of Collection:  2607 sheets
Acquisition Info. :  Was presented to Clydebank High School, April 1932 and then
                     given to the Botany Department, Glasgow University
Unpublished Docs  :  Manuscript, Wilkins M P contributors foreign species,
                     addition Glasgow University Botany Department, British
                     Herbarium list of species;
Date last updated :  1982 Dec 03;
Associated Names  :  Yeats, John; Wilson, Albert; Willows, N C; Willison, M;
                     Wilkie, R D; Whitewell, W; Whitehead, J; Whitecross, J;
                     Whitecliff, W; White, James, W; Wheldon, J A; Wetherby T;
                     West, W (Jnr, FRS); West, W; Waterfall, W B; Waterfall,
                     Charles; Ward, M; Ward, J H; Waller, A R; Vice, W; Turner,
                     W; Tempere, J; Taylor, W R; Taylor, John; Tawse, John;
                     Stewart, J H; Stewart, A; Standen, R S; Somerville, A;
                     Smith, W A; Smith; Slater, H H; Shoolbred, W A (Dr); Searle,
                     H; Scully, (Dr, Rev); Sangster, A; Salmon, C E (Rev);
                     Ruddelsdell, H J (Rev); Rouse, W; Rook, (Mr); Robson, G;
                     Rimmington, J W; Renton, R; Renton, D; Reeves, Walter W;
                     Reader, H P; Ralfs, John; Pryor, (Mrs); Preston, Arthur W;
                     Preston, A E; Powrie, J D; Poole, (Mr); Playfair, D T (MD);
                     Phillips, R A; Persival, J; Painter, W H (Rev); Oakeshott, B
                     M (Mrs); O'Kelly, P B; Nicoll, J; Nicholson, G; Moore, G E;
                     Miller, W F; Miller, W; Mennell, Henry Tuke; McNeill, M;
                     Martindale, G E; Martin, James; Marshall, E S (Rev);
                     Malvern, A D; MacAndrew, J; Loydell; Lomax, A E; Linton, W
                     R; Linton, John; Linton, E J (Rev); Ley, Augustin; Lewis, J
                     H; Levinge, H C; Lees, F A; Lee, P J; Lee, J R; Knight, G H
                     (Rev); King, J C; King, J; King, Bolton; Kidston, R;
Record Number     :  0242 NYH
Collector         :  Clayton, John (1847-1934)
Biographical Info.:  Obit. The Naturalist (1934) p134-5;
Subject of Colln. :  Flowering Plants & Ferns
Holding Institute :  Bradford Museums
Geographic Srce   :  British Isles
Period Collected  :  1880-1888
Size of Collection:  1264
Acquisition Info. :  Gift & from A W Clayton, 1939 & Acc No. NH.7.1939
Additional Info.  :  No material actually collected by J Clayton
Date last updated :  1979 Oct 16;
Associated Names  :  Gude, G K & Dyer (Mrs) & Fox, H E (Rev) & Dawber, Margaret
                     (Miss) & Cartmell (Miss) & Lomax (Mrs) & Greenwood, Amy
                     (Miss) & Fruin, G E & W & Steuart, J H A & Sinclair, J &
                     Postans, R W & Smith, W & Ward, F Linton, W R & Meldrum, R H
                     & Johnson, H H & Foster, F C & Nicholson, Mennell, H W &
                     Griffith, J E & Hick, J M;
Record Number     :  0379 NYH
Collector         :  Reeves, Walter Waters (1819-92)
Biographical Info.:  Obituary - The Journal of the Quekett Microscopical Club,
                     31 July 1892, 70;
Subject of Colln. :  Herbarium
Holding Institute :  Scarborough, Woodend Museum
Geographic Srce   :  British Isles
Period Collected  :  1830-1890
Size of Collection:  c1500 specimens
Acquisition Info. :  Donated by Laverack and Sons, Chemists, Malton, 1966
Unpublished Docs  :  Manuscripts at Kew;
Date last updated :  ;
Associated Names  :  Bennet, Arthur & Cheesman, W N & Fox, H E & Foggitt, T J &
                     Hanbury, F J & Kirkley, J & Lees, Frederic Arnold & Linton,
                     E F & Mennell, H J & Medley, J L & Mosier, H R & Marshall,
                     Joseph Jewison & Nicholson, George & Rothery, L & Slater, H
                     H (Rev) & Slater, Matthew B & Tatham, John & Turner, W N
                     (Rev) & Ward, Frederic Henry & Webster, George & Wheldon, J
                     A & West, William;
Record Number     :  4298 NYH
Collector         :  Wilkinson, H J (1859-1934)
Subject of Colln. :  Phanerogams
Holding Institute :  York, Yorkshire Museum
Geographic Srce   :  British
Period Collected  :  1870-1920 (mainly)
Size of Collection:  2000
Acquisition Info. :  1892-1932 donation
Published Refs    :  Simms : 1968 ::::;
Unpublished Docs  :  Wilkinson 1933;
Date last updated :  ;
Associated Names  :  Baines, H & Baker, B & Dalton, J (Jnr) & Farr, E H &
                     Fisher, H & Gray, W (Rev) & Ibbotson, H & Phillips, R A &
                     Robinson, J F & Templeman, A & Weekes, F N & Whitwell, W &
                     Clapperton, J & Henslow, J S & Bennett, A & Donaldson, J W &
                     Platnauer, H M & Mennell, J & Moore, O A;
Record Number     :  4412 NYH
Collector         :  [?]
Subject of Colln. :  Herbarium (Flowering Plants and Ferns)
Holding Institute :  York, Bootham School
Geographic Srce   :  British Isles (specimens from many counties and islands)
Period Collected  :  1823-1965
Size of Collection:  c2500 specimens
Unpublished Docs  :  Herbarium Catalogue by J R Lythgoe and R W Pickering covers
                     about one third of the Collection;
Additional Info.  :  Work in progress on cataloguing the collection. Plants in
                     good condition but not stored in an airtight cupboard.
                     Collection maintained separately
Date last updated :  8.1.1982;
Associated Names  :  Backhouse & Shake, E & Ford, John & Butler, G (Rev) & Ball,
                     J & Edmonston, H & Ransome, J & Curis, J & Brent, Z &
                     Robertson, H & Raper, J L & Hanbury, H J & Greville, W &
                     Babington, C C & Fryer, J H & Salter, J G & Gibson, G S &
                     Seekohn, H & Walker, Horace & Thompson, Silvanus & Crishy, R
                     M & Rarer, C E & Atkins, J & Walker, R & Coventry, J &
                     Hillest, E & Baker, J G & Talham, I & Wallace, E C & Ford,
                     John & Smith, J A & Hanby, J J & Camp, N H & Crosfield, J &
                     Morland, E C & Linton, E F & Thompson, H S & Godley, W &
                     Mennell, H T & Waterfall, W B & White, J W & Lousley, J E &
                     Waterfall, A W & Stocks, I E & Southall, A T & Jenner &
                     Smith, H E & Waller A R & Bardy, B & Wright, M A &
                     Netherton, J & Jarven, H & Webster, J & Watson, N C &
                     Connor, W & Salmon, J D & Meanwell, H J & Wilson, W & Gulch,
                     J W G & Sandines (Mr) & Thorp, J & Ward, W & Moore, J &
                     Sidebotham, J & Barham, F & Alesander, E & Notcliff, N &
                     Higgley, D N & Grimden & Painter, W H & Crosfield, A J &
                     Lomat, A E & Bloxam, A & Melvin, A D & Hall, Allon B &
Record Number     :  4419 NYH
Collector         :  Bootham School
Subject of Colln. :  Ferns
Holding Institute :  York, Bootham School
Geographic Srce   :  Mainly Yorkshire and Norfolk. Also Cumberland, Derbyshire,
                     Snowden, and Carnarvonshire
Period Collected  :  1872-1879
Size of Collection:  91 sheets
Acquisition Info. :  Possibly from H T Mennell in 1885. See Catalogue of
                     Presentations to the School Museum
Date last updated :  7.1.1982;
Associated Names  :  Tatham, John & Thompson, Silvanus;
Record Number     :  6060 NYH
Collector         :  Lee, P F ( -1912) & Hobkirk, C P (1837-1902)
Biographical Info.:  Obit. (Hobkirk, C P) Yorks Naturalist 1903;
Subject of Colln. :  Flowering Plants and Ferns
Holding Institute :  Tolson Memorial Museum; Kirklees Cultural Services,
                     Community History Service, KLMUS
Geographic Srce   :  Britain, France, North America, and Worldwide
Period Collected  :  1860-1880
Size of Collection:  2700 and 14 boxes of Non-British material, depth 9cm
Unpublished Docs  :  London Catalogue of British Plants, 11th edition;
Date last updated :  6.11.1981;
Associated Names  :  Harris, J & Hanbury, F J & Hannon, W J & Haydon, N T &
                     Healy, M & Heastoke, J C & Hedley, H & Hedley, H A & Hedly,
                     C & Helyer, M B & Hemming, J & Heywood, W N & Hick, J M
                     (Rev) & Hiern, W P & Hore, W S (Rev) & Horn, G & Horn, J &
                     Hotson, M J & Howard, R & Hurst, A (Mrs) & Ibbotson, H &
                     Jackson, D & Jeanpert, E & Jenner, J H A & Johns, C A &
                     Jordan, J D & Jordan, W & June, J B & King, F C & King, J &
                     King, M & Kingston, W C & Kirkby, W & Kmet, A & Knowle, A &
                     Kummel, E & Lees, F A & Lee, J & Lemperi, C F & Lewis, J H &
                     Ley, A (Rev) & Le Salle, B B & Linton, E F (Rev) & Linton, G
                     & Linton, W R & Lobb, Thos & Loey, M A & Lomare, A E &
                     Lovatt & Lyme, J B & Lynam (Mrs) & MacLaggan, P & McKay,
                     Richard & McNab, J & McOwan, P & Mason, P B & Martindale, G
                     E & Melvill, J C & Mennell, J H & Mere, A G & Milner (Miss)
                     & Mitten, W & Mole & Monkhouse (Miss) & More, A G & Moore, T
                     & Morton, D & Mullinger, G & Nanby, F & Neve, J R & Nilsson,
                     N Hjalman & Nicholson, Geo & Norman, A M (Rev) & Norton, R &
                     Nowell, J & Oakeshott, B M (Mrs) & Painter, W H (Rev) &
                     Parkinson, H & Payne, P M & Percival, J & Piquet, I &
                     Powell, J T & Powrie, D J & Praeger, R L & Preston, A W &
                     Purchas, H & Purdy, W & Reeves, N & Renton, R & Richardson,
                     W & Roberts, W Jr & Robinson, W & Robson, A & Robson, G &
                     Rogers, T & Rogers, W M & Roper & Rossal, J H & Rotheray, L
                     & Rowse, J S & Roy, J;